I waited for his reply after the text but he did not respond. I was in a dilemma to text him again but then I retreated my fingers from doing so. It was one-ish at night and I was at the verge of dozing off but my message tone beeped once again. Excitedly, I jumped off my bed to get the phone  lying on the ottoman. I quickly held on to my phone and saw the text, it read ‘ How have you been?’… zillion emotions stirred in me. I had been dreaming of  the day to talk to him and justify my part of the story but could not believe that things were actually happening for real. I tried disconnecting my mind from the thoughts that revolved around me day and night  and wrote ” I am fine.. how are you?” I became impatient and could not wait for his reply. But this time he replied rather quickly. He said he was doing well, at least better than before. I wondered what that meant. My mind was bombarded with  questions… I knew that he had a tough time in a different city. I knew it was difficult for him not to be in touch with his best friends… I knew I did not fit the bill any more but it must have been excruciating for him not to talk to his  close friends. I knew I had been the reason for his loss. After contemplating, I sent him a message again that read ‘Same here’. My mind became jittery when he did not reply this time. Numerous reasons flooded my mind. Did he doze off all of a sudden??? ( I started grumbling to myself… ‘You cannot make him sleep, I had waited for this for so long!!!’)  or was he genuinely caught up with something or did his insight asked him not to talk to me, again. I just wanted my mind to be in peace and not to ‘assume’ so much. He always told me ‘Don’t you think you assume too much.. ASSUMPTION QUEEN!’  To ease my mind a little, I stepped out of my room furtively as I did not want my parents to shout in terror  as it was two at night  and walked towards the balcony to get a breath of fresh air. The gentle breeze played with my hair  and  I realized that assumptions could be claustrophobic. My message tone beeped again and it brought a big smile on my face 🙂