There are some people who have an invincible  impact on you. Without a doubt he had the most tremendous impact on me. How a message from him brought a huge smile on my face??? I realized… I loved the fact of being so highly influenced by him 😉 😉 This time his message read, ‘ I was going through the letter that you gave me so I thought of dropping a text’. In retrospect, I wrote him a letter during my vacation to Shimla, that was during school. Things were picture perfect that time. It was the first letter that I wrote to him. Probably it was his first letter ever so he was really touched reading it. The content of the letter was very general. But it did reflect that he meant a lot to me. There was a moment of elevation that I experienced when I read his text. I knew we had remained disconnected for quite sometime but what made  me extremely happy was that he still had my letter and he still reads it. I ‘assumed’ that I could fix things. I ‘assumed’ that things could be the same between us…. I tried controlling my mind as I knew I was thinking too much. It was difficult for us to reconcile. I proceeded with the conversation and typed ‘ You still have it with you? :O’. He replied instantly.. ‘Yes! the first letter that somebody wrote to me….’ I felt nice reading the words that he typed. I was brimming with foolish pride because I was the first one to do so and my letter had been the medium of our conversation. But when it came to my reply to his overwhelming text, I fell short of words. I had this indomitable and absurd urge to meet him… absurd because I wanted to meet him at 2.30 at night!!! I could not think of anything and texted him if he could meet me soon. I could predict his reply and without much to my surprise, he replied that he needed sometime (just to be polite) and wished me good night, but I knew at the back of my pessimistic mind that he would not meet me. I wished him the same 😦 😦 . Placing my phone back on the ottoman, I wondered what was good about the unexpected night??? Within seconds my heart answered… ‘He spoke to you after ages and things are not as bad as you thought them to be!!! 🙂 🙂 ‘