I had a sound sleep that night and probably after a very long time… From then we started exchanging messages. I had this urge to text him almost everyday and after every hour, but then I tried battling with my irrationality every now and then as I did not want my berserk mind to over do things. He messaged me occasionally and stuck to mere chit chat but the stubborn me always prolonged it and the best part was that he never had a problem ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess he liked talking to me too … I could sense that he knew what I was trying to attain.. almost the IMPOSSIBLE then, which seemed not so impossible now. He had always been a great friend to me during school. There was something so dynamic about him that was undefinable. It was not his appearance but there was something far beyond that.. something that was magnetic. I always wondered what is that one thing thatย hypnotizes all his friends to be with him all the time ?? ย His sense of comprehending a problem so well or mental wavelength compatibility with his folks?? Or his impregnable ย spirit to help his friends and stand by them no matter how crucial the circumstances were. He often said ‘My friends mean the world to me!’.. ย and I knew for a fact they actually did!! He was ย a rare species and I had never come across a person more selfless than him. Although he was the most selfless person I had ever met but at the same time he was the most unpredictable too.

It was easy for him to predict what bothered me. I sometimes felt vulnerable when he could figure it out on his own and then sat with me to discuss about things. He always had a solution to all my ย unresolved issues..mostly…. ย He truly epitomized the term ‘FRIENDSHIP’ for me. But then he was just not a friend to me nor was he a lover, he was somebody I could confide in blindly, somebody who had been a pillar of strength in my odds and somebody who could effortlessly manage to bring a smile on my face and also make me cry a thousand tears.