It is not always important to have verbal conversations with people who mean the most to you. It becomes extremely difficult to be vocal about  the way you feel about them, as you, yourself fail to  put them in words! A SMS can actually break barriers of hesitance  and can do wonders. In my opinion, one can talk more and more freely through a sms! It was always easier for me to express myself via smses and I guess it was the same for him! As mentioned in my earlier posts, our medium of  conversation was mostly through SMS. It was fun but painful!!! My fingers used to pain adversely  after a point that is when both of us had exchanged like a hundred messages on a stretch (only!!) 😉  But what kept me going was his interest to talk to me ! Initially, both of us were not very comfortable talking over the phone but it was indispensable for me to talk to him and at least make an attempt to mend broken ties, so the only weapon I could adopt was Short Message Service (I Can never thank enough the inventor!! ) It created a foundation for our verbal conversations which gave us an opportunity for meet ups  (Meet ups – Sigh! negligible 😥 ). But I was content (formerly) and ecstatic that we spoke almost everyday and  for the whole day!  We always had a good stock to talk and discuss about but the moment we went short of topics, he remained mum! The incorrigible  me initiated absurd and completely baseless topics 😉 which eventually led to a pretty long conversation  😉 and by the end of it, he used to come up with something worth talking about!:D  The process went on for quite sometime and strengthened our bond a little! Yes, it did lead to a certain amount of disconnection from what was  happening around me earlier (I did not regret it) but in a week or two I mastered the skill of multi-tasking 😀  Every time a text from him made me all excited 🙂 My friends used to tease me with him but I never bothered to justify our relationship to them as I firmly believed that they exactly knew how I felt and were equally happy!  There also came a time when sometimes I failed to reply to his sms due to unavoidable situations and then the flow of his multiple texts reflected his agitation ..that particular feeling was undefinable as his sudden agitation made me ‘assume’ that I did mean something  to him!! 🙂